5 Compelling Reasons to Join the Isagenix Revolution

5 Compelling Reasons to Join the Isagenix Revolution

David and Irina Hansen have been enthusiastic Isagenix Product Users and active sales associates for the past 4 years. This is a “Best of Breed” opportunity from an experienced, top-notch network marketing company.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to Join us with isagenix.

1. Whether you’re looking to lose pounds and inches, improve performance and recovery, or combat the aging process and improve overall health, Isagenix has long-term health and fitness solutions and associated products for you.

2. Isagenix stands out from the crowd. Isagenix takes pride in the fact that we’re not like other network marketing companies. We’re not a flash in the pan company run by a fly-by-night management team. We’re committed to having the best compensation plan, affordable and effective products, systems that ensure retention, and the best culture of any company.

3. Isagenix people are difference makers; we challenge deeply rooted norms and habits. And we’re passionate about what we do. How passionate? Over the last 12 years, Isagenix has paid its business leaders millions of dollars in commissions.

4. Isagenix opens doors of opportunity, while putting our passion and goals to work in a framework that helps people be healthier, happier, wealthier and more secure.


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5. Isagenix features Superior Weight Loss Products and Programs.  David joined Isagenix with the intention to lose weight and hopefully leverage success in their Isabody Challenge to kick start our Isagenix Home Business. David finished Top 16.

Here’s the Isagenix Published Article on David’s experience:

Getting Older takes its toll. As a student athlete, David H. was quite busy. He was a
dedicated, standout young competitor who played basketball, baseball, football–you
name it. However, as the years piled on, so did the extra pounds. “The weight gain was
gradual,” states David. “Once I hit adulthood, the pounds crept onto the scale. With the
extra weight, I often didn’t feel good and my energy was constantly low.”
David knew it was time to get in shape. “My wife has always been in great physical
condition,” shares David. “She works out vigorously—she’s always been keenly focused
on being physically fit.” David was always winded. “I needed to be able to keep up.”


David committed to getting healthier, losing weight and keeping up with his wife’s active
workouts and lifestyle. “I tried 4 or 5 other programs, all with pretty much the same
disappointing results,” recalls David. “No results were significant and nothing seemed to
stick.” He soon felt there might not be a real weight-loss program that could help.
“Then a friend introduced me to Isagenix,” recalls David. “And right away I knew this
system was nothing like anything I’d ever tried.”
“I started with the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System,” remembers David. “What
impressed me was the taste. The products didn’t taste like ‘diet products’ and that was


David attributes his results to some of his favorite Isagenix products. “I can’t praise
Ionix® Supreme enough,” shares David. “I love the liquid version but I also take the
powder on vacation.”
Having lost an impressive 60 pounds* then placing in the top 16 in his first-ever IsaBody
Challenge® event, David knows Isagenix really works. “I’m all about the ingredients and
the way they make me feel.” He also loves Cleanse for Life® because it really works. “I
can feel it working,” shares David. “When you feel something actively working on your
body, that’s when you know it’s something special. Those experiences and the results are
worth sharing.”




Not only does David feel great keeping the weight off, there’s an opportunity to spread
the word and add income to complement the Salon revenue. “Sharing Isagenix is simple,”
David admits confidently. “Building an Isagenix business alongside our salon creates a
strong natural symmetry. It’s a great way to earn and help others learn.”
As David looks to future IsaBody Challenges, he revels in his newfound energy. “Now I
can stay healthy and more importantly, keep up with my wife,” beams David. “Fitness
classes like hot yoga can really take a lot out of you. Now a shot of Ionix to jumpstart my
day and an e+™ energy shot before a workout give me everything I need to make healthy
longevity a reality.”

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10365651_10204013102157213_6275479837443567677_oIrina and I would love to see you join our “TeamFusion” at Isagenix.  We are very friendly and gladly offer our support. Our team boasts members from around the country and we use the new Periscope Platform for Team get togethers. Follow @HansenLifestyle at Periscope and Twitter.


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