Booomers Striving for a Sustainable Future

Booomers Striving for a Sustainable Future

We are feeling pretty displaced these days.  Displaced in terms of work, location and lifestyle.  Partly self inflicted to be sure, but like many fellow Baby Boomers, we are seeking what’s really the right path, and most importantly trying to find what’s sustainable for our “Golden Years.”  Inherently, time is of the essence.

Looking inward, I suppose that we do have some of the pieces in place.  We have a growing home based business aptly named “The Healthy Home Business,”  and you can find links to the various products and opportunities HERE.  Residual Income is something that could give us flexibility in “retirement.”

Our specific road to get to this point has been as unique and complex as most fellow boomers, and detailing our interesting past will, perhaps, be an suitable topic for another post.  However, cutting to the chase, Irina and I have cashed out of our home ownership(making us mobile) and we have a small nest egg in savings , we have a modest IRA for the future, and we are both willing and capable of continuing to work.  We are probably better off than most I’d guess, but still far from a truly secure retirement.  I’ve been trying to re-enter the work force for some time, unsuccessfully, hence the neccessity for a more entrepreneurial approach.  All in all, we are searching, and need to find a path to a “place” where we can enjoy an active, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The word sustainable has been hijacked to most often pertain to green or eco issues, but by definition, sustainability is really the key term for what our generation needs these days .

sus·tain·a·ble – adjective

  1. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. “sustainable fusion reactions” 
  2. able to be upheld or defended. “sustainable definitions of good educational practice”


After many years in Southern Utah, we have relocated, and currently live in an absurdly over priced 2 bedroom apt in San Francisco, Ca.  Irina has an OK job as an organic stylist and we are close to grandchildren, which is great.  However, this is far from a comfortable, or affordable exsistence.  We need a “situation” and lifestyle that is healthy, fulfilling, enjoyable, and of course, it must be sustainable from both a health and financial standpoint.

In this Blog we will explore a wide range of issues and opportunities for the Baby Boomer generation. It will be developed as we experience it, celebrating a Healthy, Active, Adult Lifestyle.  We will be exploring where to retire, the best preventive health and fitness regimens, lifelong learning, and some additional income opportunities.  We will be sharing Healthy Home Business Ideas, the associated beneficial products that we use every day, and fun and interesting nostalgia from our Baby Boomer days of youth.

Our current focus is a 6 month plan to relocate to an active adult community somewhere in the United States, so… we have a lot of exploration and research to do to that end. We are heading to Florida to check things out in Novemeber, 2014.

Will you join us on that journey?

We hope to see you in the next Post.

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