20 reasons why Yoga is Perfect for Baby Boomers

20 reasons why Yoga is Perfect for Baby Boomers


The Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, have enjoyed a reputation as the most prosperous, best-educated, and most influential generation in American history.  As the years fly by, the Boomers are now entering their senior years, when health diminishes, independence wanes, and in the final years, full-time care may be imminent for many.  But wait, Hansen Lifestyle has the antidote.  The Practice of Yoga, in each of it’s variations and disciplines offers real results in slowing down the aging process.  Here are 20 reasons Why!




  1. Yoga is relatively Low-Impact, affording less chance for injury.
  2. Yoga has been shown to significantly lower blood pressure.
  3. Yoga relieves stress and anxiety, releases endorphins and promotes a sense of well being.
  4. Many Yoga poses are designed to improve balance and maintain equilibrium and mobility.
  5. Regular Yoga practice increases flexibility of muscles and joints.
  6. Yoga is a great way to start small and work gradually toward total fitness.
  7. Yoga improves focus and self awareness.
  8. Yoga focuses on better and deeper breathing.
  9. Beginning to practice Yoga takes no special skills or lengthy training.
  10. Yoga is a great way to completely relax.
  11. Yoga awakens physical sensory perception which can be helpful in love relationships.
  12. Yoga helps to hydrate the discs in the spine.
  13. Good Yoga Practice is personal and subjective.
  14. Yoga Practice allows for personal customization and modification as needed or desired.
  15. Yoga is great for building strength and adding healthy muscle mass.
  16. Some Yoga routines and disciplines are excellent for weight loss.
  17. Yoga can be practiced equally well at home in solitude, or in a class.
  18. Yoga can be practiced solo or as a couple with custom couple poses and flows.
  19. Yoga increasingly can be prescribed and paid for as a part of many therapy scenarios.
  20. Yoga often results in a sense of inner peace.
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