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Celebrating a Healthy, Active, Adult Lifestyle. Exploring where to retire, the best preventive health and fitness regimens, lifelong learning, and additional income opportunities.

Sharing Healthy Home Business Ideas, the associated beneficial products that we use every day, and fun and interesting nostalgia from our Baby Boomer days of youth.

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Celebrating a Healthy, Active, Adult Lifestyle. Exploring easily achievable, youthful aging scenarios for the Baby Boomer generation.

Healthy Home Business Ideas

Sharing Healthy Home Business Ideas and associated beneficial products that we use every day.

Baby Boomer Nostalgia

Browse, share and comment on iconic elements from our shared youth experience.

Art and Design Lifestyle

David and Irina share a life filled with modern art, design & preventive health. Irina is an Organic Hair Stylist and David is a multi-disciplined Freelance Designer.

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Parents, Grandparents and Healthy, Active, Adult Living Advocates.

Baby Boomer Nostalgia

Baby Boomer Nostalgia

Baby Boomer Nostalgia

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